Sit down, shut up, shut down.

 We have learned to shut our feelings off.

We have learned to drown the voices out.

we learn the game, pretend this is normal,

don’t you dare open your mouth.

Don’t speak, don’t think, don’t feel.

Sit still and smile through your tears.

You are a child.

How dare you act as if this affects you.

This is how we cope.

Then further down the road,

We ponder the pain that haunts

Who is this person ive become?

guarded, isolated, bitter,

afraid to even breathe

constantly apologizing

feelings buried deep.

We build walls  for protection,

trying to keep the world outside

If I don’t feel, then I won’t be disappointed.

If I don’t trust, then I won’t be hurt.

You made me this way, yet you wonder what happened?

Why so distant?

The rest of your life becomes undoing what was done.



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