Forgive the Hurt

One Thing I am still learning is that We are All Human which means we are All imperfect. Sometimes we hurt people, even unintentionally, but we have to forgive and keep Loving each other. We have to keep loving ourselves instead of blaming and punishing ourselves by dwelling on past mistakes.



Time is just an illusion, reality keeps on shifting

and I keep changing, arranging , and rearranging.

It keeps moving on…leaving behind places, faces, situations

Old houses and music-fragments

I keep collecting

but connecting it all is too heavy.



Four years ago my life was different. As a person, I was more focused on pleasing people than doing what was right for me. As a dancer, I felt the need to conform to an image that was given to me rather than being true to my own identity. I was so focused on money and attention that I put myself in a dangerous situation and I paid the consequences. Since then, I’ve learned from my past and decided that I will Never value people, money, or attention above my peace, happiness or well being again.

My Journey to Self Love begins…

Maintaining Balance

How To Live With Intent (Even If You're Super Busy & Stressed Out) -

In one of my last posts, I talked about the challenges I have with finding and maintaining a successful balance in each area of my life. I know that Balance is the key to a happy and successful life so I want to spend more time learning how to achieve it. I am creating a guide that pinpoints my personal goals for balance, the obstacles I face, and solutions for maintaining a healthy balance in each area.

1.Mind Body and Spirit-Balancing time for physical training, rest,and spiritual goals daily

Obstacle-Restless mind, tired body=No sleep

Solution-Quiet the mind before bed, spend more time reading and studying instead of on the computer


2.Physical training

Maintaining balance between strength and flexibility

Solution-continue yoga daily!!!

Maintaining physical appearance-skin, hair, etc

Solution-Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to have more time for grooming, schedule hair appointments ahead of time


3.Drinking-balance between enjoying and overindulging

A slight buzz=ok Getting drunk/wasted=Not ok

Obstacle-Getting too excited, self- discipline and accountablility

Solution-Limit the number of drinks per night and how many nights you drink per week/month


4.Time-balancing time for work, rest, and  enjoying life

Obstacle-Understanding the difference between pushing yourself and pressuring yourself to do too much at once!


Being proactive as you take action but also patient as you are waiting for things to come together

Solution-Learning to plan ahead and prioritize, Balancing short term and long term goals


5.Money-Balancing saving and spending

Enjoy your hard earned money, but also save for the future!

Obstacle-inconsistency, impulsiveness

Solution-Create a budget and hold yourself accountable! Check in with Budget daily!


6. Friends/relationships-balance between remaining open but unattached

Friendships=ok  Co-Dependence=Not OK!

Obstacle-Becoming dependent in relationships

Solution-Always have “Me Time”, Establish boundaries in the beginning, communicate when you are uncomfortable/unhappy


This is a personal guide, but I hope it can help some of you as well. If it does, feel free to let me know!