Finding Balance

Finding your Balance is not an easy thing, especially when it feels like so much is riding on your Success.

Today I was a little disappointed in myself because it was the second day that I was too exhausted after work to go to the studio to practice. But I did force myself out of the house for a Sunset yoga session. Yoga is wonderful as a daily practice, it helps me to relax my mind while also keeping my body in dance condition.  However, as a training performer, my goal is to practice in the dance studio at least once per week. I cannot slack on this goal.

Sometimes I feel like as hard as I push myself, it’s still not enough. As much as I try to stay on top of my schedule, my finances, and my personal life, I know that I can still be more responsible with all of it. In every part of my life, I try to find a balance between discipline and enjoyment, but it’s never easy. I won’t give up trying though, tomorrow  is a New day and I will be back at it.



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