Artist Perspective-Success and Dreams

The Journey Inwards

What is my idea of success? How do I attain it?

☮ American Hippie ☮  Something of yourself:

My biggest goal in life is to live a life full of love, joy, and peace as I live my purpose on this Earth. I want to build a successful career as a performing artist, but I also want to connect and inspire people by telling my story. In my soul, I know that both of these parts are connected to form a bigger picture, but in my mind, I feel overwhelmed by trying to develop both areas at the same time.

Success as a Person

 Creating a name for myself,  being able to travel and support myself, having the money, time, and energy for all of things I love

Success as an Artist

Using art to tell my story, connect, inspire, and uplift others

Using every artistic element- song, dance, acting,and  writing  to create a complete concept with a…

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Spiritual Destiny 

I am more than my physical appearance. I am more than my gifts and talents. I am a living soul and spirit.
I accept that I am a complex being made of mind, body, spirit, and soul. I understand that my greater purpose is to live through each of these dimensions by finding balance and harmony among each part.

You cannot separate your spiritual destiny from your physical journey, Everything is connected.

Mirror, Mirror

When I was younger, I could not understand why people seem to come and go throughout my life. I did not understand relationships and the value they added to my existence. Through my spiritual journey, I’ve been able to expand my perspective. I now understand that relationships help us to learn  things about ourselves that are sometimes hidden from our own perspective. At times, these truths about ourselves are hard to face, but they are necessary for our personal growth.


The people around us are our mirrors, they reflect our own image back to us. In the same way, we reflect our self image, positive or negative,  onto the people around us. The more we learn to accept ourselves, the more we learn to mirror our love and acceptance to those around us. By learning acceptance, we can understand that  we are ALL Human. No person is perfect.When we are hurt or hurt others,  we have to forgive and keep Loving each other just as we continue to forgive and love ourselves.

This perspective helps us with our daily interactions with people. When we feel ourselves becoming upset about something that someone has said or done, we can learn to turn the mirror back on ourselves by asking these questions…

Why am I really upset right now?

What am I reacting to?

What does this situation say about me?

By turning the mirror back onto yourself, you eliminate anger and conflict towards other people.You will also learn to stop blaming others for your own unhappiness and you will  stop projecting your negative emotions onto others.  Every person, conflict, and situation comes into your life for a reason, to help you learn more about yourself so that you can continue to grow. I am thankful for all the teachers I’ve had throughout my life. Without them, I would not have been able to gain this level of self awareness and self love that has created a higher consciousness and positive perspective in all I do.

Shenise C. Guy

OvDon't let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace.: ercoming Perception and Social anxiety

Do not allow any person or situation to steal your joy or peace.

Do not internalize other people’s opinions, perceptions, or conflicts.

Tune out distractions and tune into your Intuition.

Don’t seek personal connections, maintain professional relationships.

Remember that God is in control of your destiny, not people!

I am Free from the Fear of Perception!

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Season of Change

imageThis Year I can feel that it’s time to shift into a new season. I’m shifting away from survival mode and into Desire. It’s time to start manifesting the life of my dreams.

I’m tired of counting down the days until I can breathe again. I want to enjoy my life, my body, my money, my career, and my journey. The life I desire requires more! More creating, more inspiration, more connection, more expression.

I Give Myself permission to take it to the next level!

I am taking the necessary steps to create the Life I Desire.

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Create Your Balance

The Journey Inwards

Balance is not Found. It is Created.

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Everything in Life has its own balance, its own rhythm. How often do we get stuck in the habit of living by routine instead of creating our own  balance?

As an artist, with a full time job it is essential for me to create my own daily, weekly, and monthly balance. When I’m out of this balance, I notice my mind, body, and soul start to feel negative. I feel more sad, frustrated, and less energetic throughout the day.  The challenge is disciplining myself so do all the things I need to do regardless of my busy schedule or how I feel.

Daily Balance-Mindfulness practice, prayer, yoga, meditation, writing, music, Nature

Weekly Balance-connecting with others, rest, creating/performing, family

Monthly Balance-a day of rest, performing/creating, treating myself to something nice

Remember, You Create your own Balance. Happiness is Your responsibility.  It is up to…

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