InnSaei-The Power of Intuition

The Journey Inwards

Thisinnsaei film asks so many important questions that we normally don’t think about…”Are we living through our minds and not with our emotions?  And if so, how does this affect our lives?  What is Intuition and how can we learn to connect to it and to trust it? What keeps us from connecting to our intuitive selves? What happens when we disconnect from our own thoughts and emotions?

For me, it is a daily challenge for me to stop living in my thoughts and tune in to the present moment. It’s easy for me to get carried away planning the next moment or living through my imagination.

Another challenge is allowing myself to feel emotions. Through the years, I’ve trained myself not to express negative emotions. I’ve learned to push through my frustration and get through the day. Sometimes by the end of the day, I feel completely shut down and…

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