Create Your Balance

The Journey Inwards

Balance is not Found. It is Created.

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Everything in Life has its own balance, its own rhythm. How often do we get stuck in the habit of living by routine instead of creating our own  balance?

As an artist, with a full time job it is essential for me to create my own daily, weekly, and monthly balance. When I’m out of this balance, I notice my mind, body, and soul start to feel negative. I feel more sad, frustrated, and less energetic throughout the day.  The challenge is disciplining myself so do all the things I need to do regardless of my busy schedule or how I feel.

Daily Balance-Mindfulness practice, prayer, yoga, meditation, writing, music, Nature

Weekly Balance-connecting with others, rest, creating/performing, family

Monthly Balance-a day of rest, performing/creating, treating myself to something nice

Remember, You Create your own Balance. Happiness is Your responsibility.  It is up to…

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