Confessions of a Dancer…Overlooked





and I’m sick of it. Sometimes after auditions, I just want to scream, “What do I have to do to make people see me?!!” I’m tired of feeling invisible. I smile and give my performance everything I’ve got. Even when I think I’ve done well,  It’s never enough. I’m never called back or asked to be seen again. I notice the other dancers who are called back. They’re not better performers, but they fit the Image the Directors are looking for.

I remember one director at a dance audition who told us, “You picked the hardest career in the world…But don’t stop trying.” Every day I realize how true that is. There’s always something to improve on whether it’s your look, technique, or stage presence. You have to have the complete package or you’re not even taken seriously.

My work is cut out for me, but I’m never giving up.



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