Finding Balance-The Art of Self care

 The Art of Self care is Learning what you need to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle  and taking the appropriate steps to maintain that balance. You must be willing to accept your own strengths and weaknesses mentally, emotionally, and physically. You must be committed to making positive changes.  Most importantly, you must remain connected to your spiritual source for strength, wisdom, and guidance on your inward journey. Remember that change happens from the inside out.

Emotional challenges…Too open/completely closed-giving too much or shutting down completely, emotional highs/lows,

What I can do-Balance emotions before making decisions, RElease, communicate, Boundaries

Mental challenges-Over thinking, anxious, impatient

What I can do-Meditate, pace yourself, Let Go, Don’t take life too seriously…Laugh!

Physical challenges-too much energy, insomnia, drinking

What I can do-physical activity,  fast from stimulants, daily calming routine

Peace in your Self Care Journey! Shenise G.



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